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A one-of-a-kind opportunity

The end of sanctions ushers into a new era for Iran, back in the international economy. Iran is not just another « emerging market », it is a large, educated and developed country that is already becoming a strategic place to be for international companies of any size.

A huge and developed market

Iran has a large population of 82 million, well-educated and predominantly middle-class. It enjoys modern and westernized lifestyle standards (60% internet penetrations, 1.2 mobile phone per inhabitant).

With a fast growing GDP, Iran, which was before the lift of the sanctions the 28th largest economy worldwide, will quickly catch-up, and is expected to grow by 7% in 2016 according to World Bank. It will soon come back to its leader position in middle-east and top 15 worldwide.

Iran is an “energy superpower”, with the 4th world’s proven oil reserves and the 2nd world gas reserve, guaranteeing the investments and injected funds.

Solid business perspectives

After years of sanctions, Iran needs to renovate its infrastructures (transport, telecom, water, etc.), and its population is eager to access to a more western lifestyle, hence more consumer products.

The country has an industrial tradition and manufacturing capacities, and should be considered not only as an « export » country, but also as a « sourcing » country.

Its university system produces 233 000 scientists and engineers a year. 7.5 million people have a university degree, which is equivalent to the total Hong-Kong or Israel population.

With its diversified economy - oil and gas revenue accounting for less than 25% of GDP unlike other middle east countries - and a very low public debt rate at 16% of its GDP, Iran has huge and sustainable potential for investment and growth.

An increasingly friendly business environment

Iranian tax system is competitive - corporate tax at 25%, with numerous exemptions, VAT at 8% - and double taxation agreements have already been concluded with Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria & Poland.

6 free trade zones (FTZ) and 16 special economic zones (SEZ) make foreign investment easy and friendly: tax holiday, visa exemptions, flexible employment regulations, extended legal guarantees and protection.

However, the legal, tax and business environment is complex, and there is no simple “user manual” on how to start business with or in Iran. International banks are gradually returning back and able to support their clients in Iran.

The mission of IranianOffice is to assist international companies to setup and develop their business in & with Iran, offering them a 360° spectrum of services. Quick, reliable, safe and cost effective. IranianOffice is your one-stop-shop for the Iranian huge market.

IranianOffice walks you there

IranianOffice is an European and Iranian partnership specialized in large and medium size business entry into the Iranian market .IranianOffice provides market insight, strategic planning, business setup services, as well as operational A to Z support.

Sales & Matchmaking

IranianOffice provides you with a clear overview of the Iranian market and your opportunities, and draws your road to market strategy. Either you want to sell to Iran or to buy from Iran.

We short list, target and assist you in the negotiation with reliable partners and distributors inside Iran. And we make sure that you secure the best possible deal.

If you are willing to have your own sales team in Iran without the burden of creating a company, IranianOffice can hire and pay your sales team in Iran, and re-invoice it to you from its Brussels HQ. And you keep the full day to day control of your Iranian sales team.

Business Setup

IranianOffice, through its IBH - Iranian Business Hubâ„¢ - provides administrative and operational support for companies willing to establish their business in Iran.

We help you in selecting the best company location (e.g. FTZ, SEZ) and company form, we assist you in creating your company, in all administrative, legal, tax and banking matters. We provide you operational support for your offices, for IT, HR and logistics.

If you prefer to start with your local Iranian team without the burden of creating a company, IranianOffice also can hire and pay your team in Iran as wage-portage, and re-invoice it to you from its Brussels HQ. This is the easiest way to keep under control the full day to day operations.

IranianOffice provides an on-demand secured review and audit of your daily business and its performance.

M&A & Joint Venture

Today is the moment to acquire, merger or create strong and reliable joint-ventures in Iran. IranianOffice helps its clients to successfully acquire a company in Iran, or to partner-up with a local partner and create a strong and reliable joint-venture.

Our expertise covers A to Z process: administrative authorizations, due diligence and closing of the transaction.

IranianOffice provides post-integration support services to secure the success of your JV and ensure that your investment is cost-effective and profitable.

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