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Operating Support

IranianOffice Corporate Services enable companies operating in Iran to streamline their Iranian operations: Shared Service Centers, Employee Outsourcing and Organization Assessments & Change Management

Shared Service Centers (SSC)

Our Shared Service Centers enable you to focus on your front office activities, supported by a highly professional, scalable and cost-effective back-office.

Scalable and cost-effective, our Shared Services Centers for Accounting, Controlling, Tax, Corporate Legal, HR or IT are particularly relevant in 2 cases: 

  • When your expansion plans require flexibility and focus, therefore the implementation of a permanent back-office structure in Iran is not a priority, at least for some time.
  • When having a JV with an Iranian partner, which requires extremely professional, fair and transparent accounting, controlling & reporting in order to ensure that your investments, people and business interests are safe.

We select and supervise professionals with the best level of expertise and put them at your disposal for the duration of your choice, they can also work on site or from our offices. 

We work out with you the most adapted SSC model for a perfect match to your short term need and your long-term strategy.

Employee Outsourcing

Employee outsourcing is dedicated to international companies willing to operate in Iran without having a permanent statutory structure, or making the choice of having no permanent employees in their Iranian structure.

This solution is particularly adapted when you need local salesperson(s), or your (future) manager in Iran, or some engineers in the framework of a specific project.

IranianOffice hires and carries your employee(s) on its dedicated structure in Iran and deals with all HR, legal, financial, social & tax aspects. In the case of expatriates, we also take care of work permit and visa, as well as housing.

This service is invoiced either from Iran or from Europe, to our clients’ best convenience.

Organization Assessment & Change Management

Your expansion and development plans in Iran lead to organizational changes and process adaptations both internally and with third parties and partners.Organizational issues, both Human and Process related, become particularly critical after the conclusion of an acquisition or a JV, as it is key to its success.

We provide the local or international management of our clients with:
- a clear view of their present operations, partner or sales network.
- and a gap analysis of their targeted organization.

We share the best practices and our knowledge of markets and people to ensure the manageability and improved performance of your Iranian operations.

Business Development

IranianOffice Business Development Services provide all what it needs for companies to take the right business decisions in Iran and successfully implement them: Market Intelligence, Support to Equity Operations, Business Setup.

Market Intelligence

We generate on-demand or generic audits and reports of key sectors of activities in Iran. The quality of IranianOffice market insights is recognized as the most accurate and reliable.

Iran faces a clear lack of reliable information and data. We take our sources directly from professionals of each vertical and check and process the data systematically to provide a deep and most accurate analysis per market and per company targeted. The access to first hand & verified data , but also the manner of extracting decision-making information from it is the core added-value of our in-house Business Analysts and our Data Center.

In the case your survey relates to a project of expansion in Iran, we provide you with a clear Go / No Go recommendation together with a Road to Market model suited to your situation / products or services. We take pride in succeeding 100% of our missions, so we always start by building a deep understanding of the client's business model & key factors of success and assess their adaptability to the Iranian environment.

Business Setup

The registration of new company in Iran is not complex, but it may fall behind on planned schedule when not managed properly.

We keep pre-registered companies on the shelf in order to reduce your project deadlines. We also support you in the FIPPA filing of your project as the case may be.

IranianOffice provides you with à la carte operational support:
- Dedicated Office or Coworking space in Tehran
- Back-office resources - refer to Shared Service Centers
- Immediate staffing needs - refer to Employee Outsourcing and Executive Search
- Obtention of licences required for specific activities.

Equity Operations

We assist our clients to successfully acquire a company in Iran, or to create a solid and sustainable joint-venture with a local partner.

IranianOffice dedicated teams support the A to Z process of your Joint-Venture or Acquisition projects, on your side and/or on your behalf.

We short-list, target, approach and assist you in the negotiation with reliable business partners inside Iran. We perform comprehensive business partner screenings including operations reality check, business & image report, management & shareholders background and compliance.And we make sure that you secure the best possible deal.

Succeeding the integration of your Iranian acquisition after the closing is of utmost importance, and our operational experience is a decisive asset for your success (please refer to the Operating Support section).

Financing & Derisking

Project Financing

Find financing arrangements for projects in Iran is not always an easy task, even for internationally-led projects, as traditional lenders and equity investors may appear reluctant when it comes to Iran.

Our business relations with private equity investors in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia enables us to contribute to financing projects in Iran.

IranianOffice accepts mandates for the funding of projects in Iran that are run by leading international operators.


IranianOffice acts in a broad range of situations to overcome some obstacles and/or internal contradictions that international corporations must deal with when developing their business in Iran.

IranianOffice is acting for large international corporations as a Trusted Third Party, directly or via a Special Purpose Vehicle. Each business case is confidential and specific, and our experts are at your disposal to share some experiences and discuss your needs.

Each scheme set out and the framework of each of our interventions are always fully compliant with local and international legislations.

Most international law firms active in Iran recommend us as a Trusted Third Party.

About Us

IranianOffice is a Euro-Iranian venture headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and operating in Tehran and main cities of Iran. 

Our services are dedicated to international companies operating in Iran -or willing to do so- and our range of activities covers:

  • Corporate Services, for business efficiency and business development
  • Human-Capital Related Solutions

We also provide a wide array of Tailored Business Solutions.

IranianOffice is the leader in operational support to international corporations in Iran.

Why work with us?

  1. Transparency: our competencies are integrated, we do not sub-contract any of our services to third parties or “best friends”
  2. Result orientation: we are fully committed to the success of our clients’ projects, always favoring solutions that deliver cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and security
  3. Expertise: we act as an operational arm for our clients, with a strong business background and understanding
  4. Integrity: we accept only assignments that we can fulfill
  5. Security: we focus on security of people, assets, and reputation; all our actions are fully compliant with local and international standards, as well as international laws and agreements
  6. Excellence: our processes are tailored to deliver top European quality, the top management is highly involved in operations
  7. Confidentiality: we ensure strict confidentiality of information.

All our services rendered in Iran can be contracted and invoiced in Iran or in Europe, at our clients' best convenience.

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Whom do we cooperate with?

Our services are operational, this makes of us the perfect complement of Chambers of Commerce and Trade Sections as well as of Law Firms, most of which refer their clients to us when they plan to start operating in Iran.

We cooperate with following Chamber of Commerce & Trade Sections in Iran:

  • Austria 🇦🇹: Advantage Austria
  • Belgium 🇧🇪: Awex Wallonia, Flanders Investment and Trade
  • France 🇫🇷: CFICI, Business France
  • Germany 🇩🇪: AHK
  • Italy 🇮🇹: ITA
  • Japan 🇯🇵: Jetro
  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧: Department of International Trade

We have been for several years cooperating regularly with the well established International Law Firms in Iran:

  • Ferdowsi Legal
  • APP Legal Institute with Dentons
  • Cyrus Omron International 
  • Cohen Amir Aslani

About Iran

The expected progressive end of sanctions ushers into a new era for Iran. Iran is not just another « emerging market », it is a large, educated and developed country that is already becoming a strategic place to be for international companies of any size.

A huge and developed market

Iran has a large population of 80 million, well-educated and predominantly middle-class. It enjoys modern and westernized lifestyle standards (84% internet penetrations, 1.5 mobile phone per inhabitant).

With a huge growth potential after decades of sanctions, Iran has the potential catch-up and its economy should in the coming years occupy a leading position in the Middle East and worldwide. Iran is also an energy superpower, with the 4th world proven oil reserves and the 2nd world gas reserve.

Solid business perspectives

After years of sanctions, Iran needs to renovate its infrastructures (transport, telecom, water, etc.), and its population is eager to access to a more western lifestyle, hence more consumer products.

A Favorable Business Environment

Iranian tax system is competitive - corporate tax is at 25%, with numerous exemptions such as export activities, free tax zones (FTZ) and special economic zones (SEZ) and double taxation agreements have already been concluded with several countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria & Poland.

However, the legal, tax, social and business environment is complex, and there is no simple user manual on how to do business with or in Iran.

International banks are not in Iran, some big audit firms refer to a “best friend” in Iran, but none of them is yet able to provide international clients with the level of support they would need on such matters.

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