Your local employee in Iran? From now on, it’s simple & easy with IranianOffice

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IranianOffice is happy to announce its “wage portage” service, dedicated to foreign companies in Iran.

If you want to have a full time Iranian salesperson to supervise the activity of your local agent or distributor, if you need an Iranian engineer to work on a specific project, if you are required to have an Iranian team member in the framework of a tender in Iran, or if you want that your future Iranian employee(s) start performing tasks before you create your own local subsidiary, then this service is made for you.

IranianOffice hires, administrates, supervises, pays and puts at your exclusive disposal one or more employee(s) in Iran, including IT and communication tools, for the duration of your choice. You only need to define your required employee profile and ensure his/her day-to-day operational management.

IranianOffice being an European-Iranian cooperation, you deal exclusively with our Brussels HQ for contractual & financial matters. Your counterpart is European, and we take care of the rest.

“Wage portage” is the ideal solution to start acting local immediately in the huge (re)opening Iranian market, without the burden of creating a local subsidiary. This service is NEW in Iran and an EXCLUSIVITY for IranianOffice clients.